Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a management tool used to help organizations concentrate on its vision, goals and priorities—most often in a changing and dynamic environment. It is a process that all nonprofit organizations should routinely undertake, but often forego because of the lack of time, money or other critically scarce resources. When used properly, strategic planning can be the single structured process that can help nonprofit leaders reach decisions about organizational priorities and new funding opportunities.

Docere Consulting works collectively with the organization’s leadership to involve the board, staff, volunteers and other key stakeholders in the strategic planning process. We help your organization articulate a clear direction to achieving your three to five major goals.

Our process begins with a thorough internal assessment, environmental scan, the collection and analysis of empirical data, the establishment of goals and objectives, and finally, followed with the creation of a written strategic plan to be board approved. We work with you to design and facilitate a strategy planning processes that Is responsive to the current environment.

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