Board Governance & Development

A board member has a fiduciary responsible to a nonprofit organization on which he or she serves’—in addition to providing overall leadership and strategic direction. Increasingly, the most successful nonprofit organizations not only require its members to make a personal gift to the organization, but they also ask their leaders to solicit contributions from others on its behalf.

Whether board members commit themselves willingly or unwillingly to raising funds for your organization, they must be involved in all facets of the fundraising process including: organizational goal setting, development assessment, and fundraising as a part of their governance responsibilities.

The governance models of non-profit boards are increasingly becoming similar to for-profit models. Boards delegate decisions further down the chain of command. Directors are progressively having to serve as ambassadors and focus their energies on fundraising to promote the sustainability of the organization. Docere Consulting works with you to ensure that your current governance model is operating effectively. We also analyze your current board operations and work with your organization to help your board members focus on the mission—emphasizing results rather than process.

  • Board Recruitment, Training and Management
  • Board/Staff Responsibilities and Relationships
  • Board Structure
  • Governance Models
  • Fundraising

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