About Us

When nonprofit organizations experience hard times, many rely on the old adage that says, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” How to keep your organization financially stable when the economy is titter-tottering is a huge challenge for both small and large nonprofits. Weathering a bad economy, however, should not send your organization into a tailspin, but instead sharpen your focus and improve your proficiency.

In the for-profit world, companies gain absolutely nothing by retreating…and neither do nonprofit organizations. Instead, you should become focused in your efforts to become organizationally svelte, sharpen your case, get more personal and cultivate existing and prospective donors as if there were no tomorrow.

Docere Consulting focuses on strategies and tools that increase your donors and dollars for ongoing operations and programming. We match new creative fundraising approaches with proven fundraising techniques, and we leverage innovative strategies used within your organization to help you meet your fundraising goals.

Docere Consulting understands and promises to address each client’s development needs based on where the organization happens to be along the maturation continuum. Whether your nonprofit organization is new to the philanthropic landscape or if you have been doing fund development for many years, we will totally engage each client in the process and tailor our methodologies to address the specific needs of each client.

We believe that the “Teach me to fish…” analogy is imperative today for all nonprofit organizations seeking long-term financial sustainability. The lessons learned necessarily must be founded on proven principals that allows you to understand what is possible and achievable in the philanthropic arena.

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